DUI stands for Driving Under the Influence, and it is a severe offense. If a police officer pulls you over, and your blood alcohol level is above the legal limit, he will charge you. If they convict you, you will face the consequences, some of them more severe than other. Possible penalties include the suspension of your driver’s license, fines, possible prison sentence, and doing community service. However, most individuals have no idea that DUI charge could hurt their car’s insurance.

If you have an existing vehicle insurance, and an incident like this happens, resulting in a conviction for the offense, your company could cancel the policy. You won’t have another choice but to look for a different insurance provider that would be willing to work with you.

car-crashIn most states, if you get convicted of DUI, it will be automatically reported to your car insurer. If you are facing this charge, you should consult your insurance provider as soon as possible. Informing them beforehand won’t have a positive effect on your policy. However, at least you will know what to expect. You can’t avoid negative consequences of DUI conviction on your insurance.

When individuals face a drunk driving arrest, they will need to deal with the rise in their car insurance expenses. The reason for this is simple and entirely understandable. If you have a DUI charge on your criminal record, most insurers will consider you a high-risk driver. That’s why your costs will rise significantly. You will probably be lucky if they don’t cancel your policy altogether. If this, by any chance, happens, you will need to find new insurance provider. However, with the record showing DUI conviction, and a policy cancellation, you will face having to pay sky-high prices for your new car insurance.

No matter where you live, if you become a high-risk driver, your policy expenses will be higher than average. Insurance companies will consider you a hazardous client. It is not surprising, as your reckless driving puts your car at greater risk. It is only natural that your insurer will increase your premium.

Consequences of DUI charge

It is crucial to avoid drinking before operating a vehicle, as it can have severe consequences on your life, and your financial situation. You could injure someone, or worse, and end up doing jail time. Also, you will need to pay high fines, which is bad news for individuals who are struggling financially. The suspension of your driver’s license is a severe consequence, especially to people who need their cars to get to the place of employment and back. A DUI charge will probably result in higher vehicle expenses, and you will also have to find a different insurer. Finally, this offense will stay on your criminal record, which means you could have issues in the future when applying for a new job. Many employers won’t be willing to hire you if you have a DUI conviction.